Resource: ExcelExposure and The University of Reddit

Here’s an additional resource that may be helpful to you as you’re trying to come up to speed with Excel.

Benjamin Currier is a Microsoft Excel MVP, which means that he knows a lot.  He runs a site called Excel Exposure, which I like because it has enough material to be useful without so much that it becomes overwhelming. The website relates to a course at “The University of Reddit“.  I confess I didn’t know that the popular website had an online learning platform.  In his words:

I’ve created my course website as part of the University of Reddit. The course is 100% free and enrollment at University of Reddit is not required. The goal is to expose the world to the amazing functionality of Microsoft Excel. This site will be an easy reference for Excel users of all skill levels so that they can refine their skills, become more efficient, and get the most out of this amazing piece of software.

Here is a link to the page at which he offers up his “Master Workbook” which he references in the videos.


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