Beginner’s Guide to Value Investing: The Investor’s Handbook

ValueWalk is a news aggregation website that reports on the investing industry, with a tilt towards value investing.  Subscribe to their newsletter (it’s free) and every day, you will receive a news summary of what’s going on in the world of value investing.

Here is a link to a document that I think is worth reviewing.  According to Value Walk:

In the Investor’s Handbook, it sets out as a beginner’s guide to value investing. With that in mind, we have compiled the basic technicalities and concepts required in giving investors a firm foundation when starting their investing journey.

Initially, this handbook was created for the University’s student-led fund: UCL Bloomsbury Capital. With the positive reviews and feedback, Direk and myself have decided to share it here for all other value investor’s embarking on this journey.

You’ll notice that at least some of the readings noted in the handbook are on our list for this course.


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