Question about Reading Blog Posts over Winter Break

I received a question today from a student who is enrolled in the class.

“I noticed the blog is being regularly updated. Are we expected to do the readings and demonstrations prior to J-term?”

I’m not 100% sure of what you’re asking.  Are you asking:

1. “Is there going to be a test on day 1 or 2 of the material that’s on the blog, or can I please have a friggin vacation, because I’ve worked my tail off the whole fall semester and I’m tired and I need a rest and this whole college thing really is a lot of work and I’m tired and I’ve had to travel a long way back home, and it’s ok with my parents if I’m not studying while I’m on break, and it’s supposed to be a break, right, so wtf can I please have some space between now and the beginning of class?”


2. “So, like, I really want a good grade in this course, ya know… And, like if I don’t do the readings over winter break, is that, like, going to count against me, and like, will my grade suffer? because I really want to work at Goldman Sachs, and that’s only possible if I have really good grades.”


“I came to college to read and learn and absorb as much about the world as I can. I fully recognize that I’ve been given the gift of the opportunity to study at one of the better schools on the planet, and I fully intend to maximize the opportunities that the forces of the universe have put in front of me. In that spirit, is it okay with you that I the posts on the course blog even though the course has not yet started, because I’m really interested in the topic, and don’t want to upset you by reading something before you intended for us to read it?”


I think you’re asking question number three.  But just in case, my answer is one of the following:

1. Up to you, dude.
2, There’s a quiz on Christmas and a test on New Years Day.
3. Thank you for your most excellent question, and for allowing me the opportunity to answer it.  Your grade has been just been incremented.
4. Why don’t you ask your parents for their opinion.
5. Who am I to blow against the wind?
6. It’s your life, your education, your grade. Do as you will. Pursue your passion.  Namaste.


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  1. Lmao! Classic.


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