Conrad Wolfram on Math Education

This is an important TED talk by Conrad Wolfram, one of the founders of the company that brings us Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha, among other products.  He is on a mission to change the way that people think about math education.  Obviously, Excel and Mathematica are very different tools.  But they’re also very similar in many important ways.

I would encourage you to watch this video and reflect on the math lessons that you learned in high school and may still be learning at Middlebury.



  1. Hey Jason, this is very insightful. Is this the approach you will take regarding our J-term class?


  2. Good question. My approach has a lot of similarity with what Conrad Wolfram outlines. But there are also a few key differences which will quickly become apparent, that relate to different objectives. We will discuss this in greater detail in class.


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