On the future of parking

This is a video produced by Citibank that explains how Streetline’s sensor networks can help cities manage their parking policies and enforcement and drivers find a place to park. Streetline is my former company.



  1. Interesting. It seems to depend alot on GPS maps and systems. Are these necessary for the project? In other words, could sensor networks be implemented in developing countries with “not so accurate” gps maps?


  2. This solution relies on Google Maps. It would also be theoretically possible to implement based on another map provider, such as TeleNav, Microsoft, or MapQuest. Also, Open Street Maps is a possibility. Each sensor has to be geocoded, which means that it has to be tagged in the database with its latitude and longitude coordinates. Once something is geotagged, showing it on map is trivial.


  3. @Zaghie: also, it would make sense for Streetline to deploy first in large cities (like LA or NYC where gps and Google Maps data is completely accurate) before expanding to more rural areas of developing countries with “not so accurate” gps maps. Even in later stages, I can’t imagine too many situations in which you would need to be actively hunting for parking in a city that didn’t have accurate maps data; if the city is developed enough to have large amounts of car traffic, it probably has accurate enough Google Maps data.


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