[HW 2.3c] Coleman Fundraising

On Wikileaks, I found a dataset relating to Norm Coleman’s 2008 Senate campaign.  In 2002, Coleman beat former US Walter Mondale, who was Vice President under Jimmy Carter in a 49.5% to 47.3% election.  In 2008, Coleman ran against former Saturday Night Live writer and actor Al Franken.

According to Wikipedia:

Coleman’s 2008 US Senate re-election bid, in which he was challenged by Democrat Al Franken and former senator Dean Barkley, was long unresolved. His term ended on January 3, 2009, and after a six-month legal battle in which he lost each decision in the process, the Minnesota Supreme Court unanimously declared Franken the election winner by 312 votes (out of over 3 million cast) on June 30, 2009, prompting Coleman to concede.

Download the excel or CSV dataset and answer the following questions

Homework Questions

  1. What percent of the Minnesota Senator’s campaign contributions came from Minnesota?
  2. After Minnesota, what are the next five biggest states from which he sourced contributions?
  3. People are allowed to contribute $2300 to a candidate. Can you find a possible campaign violation?
  4. Without error correcting the cities, in which city did the Senator raise the most money?
  5. In which month did he raise the most money? And how much did he raise in that month?
  6. For what percent of the dollar value of the contributions was there a CVV2 error?


And, in case you don’t know who Al Franken is, (and even better if you do) you may want to watch these Saturday Night Live skits:



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