[HW 2.4C & D] SAT Scores vs. Income Levels

c. Regression One
Using the data in this report from the College Board, assess the relationship between SAT scores and income levels.

SAT Scores

Does the variation in SAT Scores appear to be explain some of the variations in income?
For which section of the test is the connection strongest?


d. Regression Two – check your work

It’s critical that you check your work.  If you don’t check it, either your boss will and then you may feel a little dumb, or your boss won’t but maybe your boss’s boss will, and then you and your boss may feel … ahem… uncomfortable.

There are several ways to run a regression in Excel.  You can:

  • use built in functions, like =RSQ, =SLOPE, =INTERCEPT for a simple linear regression
  • make a scatter chart and overlay a trendline, then show the formula and r-squared
  • use the “Data Analysis” tools that you can find under the “Data” menu

However you did Regression One, please do it again via a different method.  Did you find the same results?


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