[HW 2.5x] Multiple Regressions – Ski Resorts

ZRankings is a site that did put together an interesting data sets on North American Ski Resorts.  In their own words:

“What we’re trying to do at Zrankings is bring the truth of data to fields that would seem incompatible with such quantification. Ranking ski resorts by data isn’t the pure science that grading Major-League level baseball players can be. One thousand acres of terrain, or 1,000 feet of vertical drop, can mean very different things in different places. Same goes for statistics that would seemingly translate well, like snowfall, for instance. Four hundred inches of snow can be fantastic. But we need to know: just how consistent is that snow? If the average is 400 inches, what’s the standard deviation? How much better and, more importantly, how much worse, can things get than 400 inches?

To measure these things that would seem immeasurable, we’ve developed our own metrics and an algorithm that measures for what we call Pure Awesomeness Factor. When you ski, whether you’re looking for a family-friendly spot, the best snow, the most luxurious mountains or the best expert conditions, you’re looking for awesome. We help you find awesome better than anybody else.”

Using the data that you can find at ZRankings, bring the data into a spreadsheet and answer the following questions, based on the data set:

1. Which state or province has the most resorts?
2. Which state the highest average PAF?
3. The resorts of which state or province gets the most snowfall?
4. There are five metrics in the data set: True Snowfall (inches) Acreage (acres) Vertical (feet) Summit (feet) Lifts.
If you run them as a multiple regression, what Rsquared do you get?
5. Which is the most significant factor in PAF?
6. Which is the least?
7. Based on the regression equation that you came up with, what score would the Middlebury Snow Bowl get?
8. Given the score of the Middlebury Snow Bowl, what excel formula would you use to figure out where the Snow Bowl would rank?




  1. Is there a way to import the data into excel? or are we supposed to manually input all 211 ranked ski resorts in the US?


  2. You can copy and paste from website to excel, either directly or first to a text file to remove formatting and pictures.

    Also, to run a multiple regression with the Data Analysis functions, you may need to install the Analysis ToolPack. Search for “Analysis ToolPack” Excel and you’ll find it.


  3. To clarify, this is not a required homework assignment.


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