[HW 3.33d] Drawings

The drawing tools within Excel are pretty basic, but actually quite good.  I like woodworking, and I’ll often use Excel as a blueprint tool, adding dimensions.

In business, it’s often important to document processes, so that everyone involved can be clear on the process.  Often, this is the role of a project manager or a program manager.  There is specialized software like Visio, which is specifically designed to make these business pictures.  Visio’s strength, however, is eclipsed by its cost and its lack of a Mac version.  There are also Mac drawing tools, but some of those don’t work on a PC.  And there web services to make these pictures too.  But there is no clear winner, so Excel (really MS Office because Word and Powerpoint have the same tool set) is often used to make drawings.

Use the drawing tools provided in Excel to recreate this flow chart which documents the process for repairing a Jeep.





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