[HW 3.3c] SQL Basics – Part 1

Using the data set that we connected to in class, please prepare the following in SQL:

1. The records of those employees in region 2
2. A list of all employees, by manager
3. The names of the first 20 customers in region 3, alphabetized from A to Z.
4. The names and msrp of all products with a msrp less than or equal to  3
5. The sum of all transaction amounts for the month of February 2013
6. The total number of transactions in June 2013

Turn in your SQL statements and the output it produced.



  1. barroyo2015 · · Reply

    How does one ‘sum’ transaction amounts?


  2. barroyo2015 · · Reply

    jk figured it out


  3. Jason, what can be the source of the problem when I try to group employees by manager, SQL only gives out 5 people.


  4. try using ORDER BY at the bottom, instead of GROUP BY


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