[HW 3.4B] Understanding a Database Schema Chart



Using the above picture of a database schema, please answer the following questions:

1. How many tables are there?
2. What is the primary key of the products table?
3. What is the longest primary key?
4. What is the primary key of the order details table?
5. Explain what the crows foot means which is on the dotted line between the customers table and the orders table means.
6. How many different data types are shown on this schema?
7. What is meant by the red diamond on the employees table next to “officeCode”?
8. What is the difference between the blue diamonds and the white diamonds?
9. What’s the difference between a solid line that connects tables and a dotted one?





  1. any suggestions on how we can figure out what the white diamond is? I’ve tried googling but cant seem to find any information on it

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    1. I asked that question because I didn’t know the answer. I was hoping YOU would tell ME.


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