On asset allocation

Barry Ritholtz is an Asset Manager who also writes a good blog covering financial events called The Big Picture.

Here is an article that Ritholtz wrote for the Washington Post that may give you a view into how this asset manager thinks.  The article is a critique of a book published by Tony Robbins, who is probably the most successful motivational speaker of the last two decades.  I remember receiving this book Product Detailsmany years ago.

This is the new book:

Product Details


Ritholtz is less than kind to Robbins.  Here is the beginning of the article:

Motivational speaker Anthony Robbins has a new book on investing, “Money: Master the Game.” It is his first book in two decades, and he has been everywhere, flogging it directly onto the best-seller list.

The good news is that the book contains snippets of conversations with some of the world’s greatest investors.

The bad news is that Robbins is not one of them.

When he is quoting the great investors of our generation, the book is good, even compelling. When he is offering his own advice, it is not. A friend wrote of it, “it’s a tough slog of logical fallacies, inappropriate analogies, self-aggrandizement and exclamation points.”




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