[HW 4.3a] Creating a Basic Project Plan

Thanks for getting involved at the beginning stages of ‘Project Ecuador’.
I know that this is your first software development project, but you’ll be in good company. There will be about 20 people which will be working on the project.

Senior management has asked us for a project plan, and as project lead, I need to ask you for your help putting it together.

Please draw up a Gantt chart that includes the following details. This should probably be done in Microsoft Project, but since half of us are on Macs and MS Project is only on PCs, and in the interest of time, can you please just put something pretty together in Excel, especially since you’re so good at it.

At the highest level, there are five main phases:
Contracting & Analysis

I expect the project to formally kickoff in a few days. Let’s assume February 3rd.

Within the Contracting & Analysis phase the items are:
* write a contract (this will take about 4 days, depending on how tempermental the lawyers on the other side are)
* understand customer objectives (this will be a 2 days of meetings)
* Document key findings and choices (5 days)
* Get signoff from customer & management (2 days)
After completing Analysis, we will begin the Design phase. The key milestones are
* Design mock ups (12 days after signoff on Analysis)
* Write Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) (14 days)
* Client signs off on design specs (5 days)

Let’s keep the Construction Phase simple at this point:
* Begin construction effort (24 days)
* Mid-project Review (3 days)
* Second half of construction effort (24 days)
* Bug fixing (10 days)
* Final Code Review (3 days)

In the Testing Phase, we will need
* Unit Testing (15 days)
* System Testing (10 days after Unit Testing is complete)

In the Signoff phase there will be a few items:
* Review signoff document with customer (1 day)
* Answer questions (2 days)
* Work out any remaining bugs (5 days)
* Receive signoff from customer (3 days)
By the way, you may not want to create this all from scratch.  If you look around the web, there are a bunch of templates for this kind of thing.  Here’s one of them.

This should take you about an hour, and because it needs to go to Senior Management and the Customer, it needs to look pretty.

Let me know if you need help.



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