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On Treemaps

Treemaps can be very useful for visualizing data.  Excel can produce these charts, but the functionality is not necessarily the best.  So here are some resources for exploring how to build these kinds of charts: Microsoft Here’s a video that shows you how to get the TreeMap addin for Excel from the Microsoft’s store. Google I’ve not […]

The Best Statistical Graphic Ever Drawn?

And according to Wikipedia: Charles Joseph Minard (1781 – 1870) was a French civil engineer recognized for his significant contribution in the field of information graphics in civil engineering and statistics. Minard was among other things noted for his representation of numerical data on geographic maps. Minard was a pioneer of the use of graphics […]

Resources for Running Regressions in Excel

Simple Regression This one is pretty good but there is some background noise This may also be useful

Resources for Pivot Tables

Here’s a link to Chandoo, talking about how to put together a pivot table. Inserting and manipulating a pivot table is essentially the same on a Mac as it is on a PC.  Here is a decent youtube video showing the process on a Mac.

Resources for Running Multiple Regressions in Excel

Multiple Regression Here are a few links for reading about how to run a Multiple Regression in Excel.  You could use this method for running a Simple Regression as well. And here is a video explaining the process.  A second semester course in statistics would likely go through this subject in considerable detail.

The Best Statistical Graph Ever Drawn?

Yale Professor and guru of graphics Edward Tufte sells print outs of this image on his website.  His description: “Probably the best statistical graphic ever drawn, this map by Charles Joseph Minard portrays the losses suffered by Napoleon’s army in the Russian campaign of 1812. Beginning at the Polish-Russian border, the thick band shows the size […]

Peter Thiel on Big Data

Peter Thiel founded PayPal, invested in Facebook, and recently wrote a book called Zero to One, in which he shares his thoughts on startups, running companies, and making investments.  He now runs an investment firm which, asking is other activities, pays talented students to drop out of college and start companies.  Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin is […]

Data best practices

This post from Stanford lists the following best practices for file management. Use descriptive and informative file names. Choose file formats that will ensure long-term access. Track different versions of your documents. Create metadata for every experiment or analysis you run. Find helpful tools for analyzing your data. Handle sensitive data in an appropriate manner. Each […]

Bloomberg’s Visual Data

I came across this interesting presentation of a bunch of interactive graphs that Bloomberg assembled as part of an amusing web article. There are a lot of other interesting visualizations at:   I would love to know how they assemble these visualizations.  All I could find was this: About Visual Data Bloomberg […]