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On the Value of Yahoo!

Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer said last October that she would communicate back to shareholders by the next earnings release on Jan. 27 with the company’s plans for the rest of its Alibaba holding.  Here’s a story that describes the current situation.   Also, below is a very simple analysis of Yahoo. Start with the value of the company […]

[HW 4.3b] Spreadsheets as translation engines

Part of learning a language involves organizing and categorizing large numbers of vocabulary words.  When I was a Middlebury Student, I remember using Excel to create lists of vocabulary words for my French class.   Here’s a workbook that I put together, including the VBA code, that reaches out to the web and pulls down […]

Market Maps

Lots of people and companies have produced a TreeMap to represent the equity markets, or as this one is called, a “Map of The Market”. In this map, the size of the rectangle is proportional to the market capitalization of the company, and in this view the color represents the year to date performance of the […]

Job Titles And What They Mean

I found this list of finance and accounting job titles and what they mean, and you may find this useful and or entertaining. I would argue that the characterization of various jobs as x% finance and 1-x% accounting is largely a fiction, as finance and accounting are really very closely connected.

On asset allocation

Barry Ritholtz is an Asset Manager who also writes a good blog covering financial events called The Big Picture. Here is an article that Ritholtz wrote for the Washington Post that may give you a view into how this asset manager thinks.  The article is a critique of a book published by Tony Robbins, who is probably […]

Quick: what is the world’s most valuable cash crop?

The answer to the question of what the world’s most valuable cash crop obviously depends heavily on how you measure it.  Millions of acres of US farmland is dedicated to wheat and corn, but on a per acre basis, this two do not even crack the top ten.

Project Plan

Here is a template I created for laying out a project plan with a Gantt chart in Excel.  I may have pulled some Some of the original work from this from a post at Chandoo. The file is here: 2014.1107.grouped-project-plan-template.2.xls

On Blackberry and Samsung

This past week someone mentioned the drama unfolding around Blackberry and a rumored takeover by Samsung.  This article describes the situation and logic of why blackberry might be worth more than you might think.

WSJ OpEd on Dish Network

FYI – We read about the origins of Dish Network a couple of days ago. Charlie Ergen is back in the news today with a new plan to reinvent how we watch TV. Dish Takes Aim at the Cable Bundle | WSJ

The Best Statistical Graph Ever Drawn?

Yale Professor and guru of graphics Edward Tufte sells print outs of this image on his website.  His description: “Probably the best statistical graphic ever drawn, this map by Charles Joseph Minard portrays the losses suffered by Napoleon’s army in the Russian campaign of 1812. Beginning at the Polish-Russian border, the thick band shows the size […]