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Question about 1.2a

Question: A few other students and I are attempting the first question and are going in circles. We are having a really hard time setting up the problem and are unsure of how to solve it in terms of NPV, IRR, and payback period. If you have any hints or insight that might be helpful, […]

Question about Books

A couple of people have written me asking questions about books for the class. First, the books required are on the syllabus.  One of you pointed out that the syllabus was inconsistent with the bookstore’s list, so let me clarify.  There are four required books.  The College Bookstore should have all of them, but looking more […]

Question about Reading Blog Posts over Winter Break

I received a question today from a student who is enrolled in the class. “I noticed the blog is being regularly updated. Are we expected to do the readings and demonstrations prior to J-term?” Student, I’m not 100% sure of what you’re asking.  Are you asking: 1. “Is there going to be a test on […]

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