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[HW 4.3d] Implied Loans

AT&T sells the current iPhone for a subsidized price of about $300 ($199 + 40 + tax on $650 is about $300) if you sign up for a 24 month commitment at $80 per month for a 3GB plan. T-mobile sells essentially the same device for $700 ($650 plus tax).  If you bring your own device, T-mobile […]

[HW 4.3c] Google Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets is an interesting product and it is worth getting to know.  Instead of doing a specific assignment, please explore the Google Spreadsheet interface and produce a page or two demonstrating a few interesting features of Google Spreadsheets does that Excel does not do natively.  

[HW 4.3a] Creating a Basic Project Plan

Thanks for getting involved at the beginning stages of ‘Project Ecuador’. I know that this is your first software development project, but you’ll be in good company. There will be about 20 people which will be working on the project. Senior management has asked us for a project plan, and as project lead, I need […]

Coding is not the new literacy…

This article is long, but I think it’s worth reading. It’s on the distinction between “coding” and “modeling”.  His thesis is that Modeling is the new literacy.   The author is a progammer who ran the VisualStudio IDE (integrated development environment) business for Microsoft.

[HW 4.2a] A Trip to the Casino

A friend has approached you asking for help estimating the winning odds on a heavily modified variation of a popular dice game. His version of the game works as follows: • The player rolls 3 dice, each die has 6 sides • If the total rolled is 3,4,5,16,17 or 18 the player loses • If the […]

[HW 4.2d] Hybrid Cars 

Generally, hybrid cars cost more upfront than their conventional gasoline counterparts.  For example, the 2015 Honda Civic Hybrid lists for  [x] but the non-hybrid 2015 Honda Civic sells for [y].  Of course, the hybrid gets better gas mileage, so the added cost should pay for itself over time.  However, the success of this extra investment […]

[HW 4.2b] Cash Conversion Cycle

Based on the data that you pulled to complete your DuPont Analysis, please prepare assess the Cash Conversion Cycles for the same companies. To do this, you will need to calculate the ratios for: * Days Sales Outstanding * Days Sales in Inventory * Days Payables Outstanding and then put these three numbers together to […]

Vanity Fair on Uber

This didn’t make it into the course reader because it was published in December,and the reading list was submitted at the end of October, but we will be discussing Uber, and I thought this profile of its founder, Travis Kalanick, in Vanity Fair was interesting.

[HW 4.1a] Drawing Hockey Sticks

Build a model that will help you to visualize various types of stock option strategies. The model should be able to consider three securities, call them Option 1, Option 2, and Stock, because with those three securities, you can consider a large number of option strategies. For the options, you should be able to specify […]

Interview Questions

I know that a number of you are in the midst of trying to line up summer internships. Here are a few basic interview questions that you should anticipate that any interviewer would ask you.  In preparation for your interviews, I’d suggest having a well thought through answer to each of the following: 1. Why […]