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[HW 4.3b] Spreadsheets as translation engines

Part of learning a language involves organizing and categorizing large numbers of vocabulary words.  When I was a Middlebury Student, I remember using Excel to create lists of vocabulary words for my French class.   Here’s a workbook that I put together, including the VBA code, that reaches out to the web and pulls down […]

On Treemaps

Treemaps can be very useful for visualizing data.  Excel can produce these charts, but the functionality is not necessarily the best.  So here are some resources for exploring how to build these kinds of charts: Microsoft Here’s a video that shows you how to get the TreeMap addin for Excel from the Microsoft’s store. Google I’ve not […]

Wolfram Demonstrations – Week 4

Here are a few more Wolfram Demonstrations to review: BlackScholesOptionModel OptionsTimeValue

How to Load Excel’s “Analysis ToolPak”

This is the add-in necessary for running regressions.  So, if you want to try to do the ski resort ranking assingment, you’ll need to download and install this.  There are other Excel based software add-ins that will allow you to do multiple regressions from within Excel, but this one has been around for about 20 […]

Wolfram Demonstrations – Week 3

Here are a few Wolfram Demonstrations that I would like you to review this week: FundDrawdwonSimulation InvestmentLeverageEffect I think about the effect of leverage a little differently than the Investment Leverage Effect demonstrations.

Resources for Running Regressions in Excel

Simple Regression This one is pretty good but there is some background noise This may also be useful

Wolfram Demonstrations – Week 2

Here are several interactive models from Wolfram Demonstrations that I would like you to review this week: MortgageCalculator AmortizedLoanInterestAndPrincipal You should be able to build these first two in a spreadsheet, without much difficulty. These next two relate to a concept called Duration, which is a concept relating to fixed income investments that we will discuss in class. […]

Supplementary Materials for Using Excel for Business Analysis

Here is a link to the supplementary materials for the book that we’ll be using in the course “Using Excel for Business Analysis” by Danielle Stein Fairhurst. You may find some of the items here helpful. Also, here is her list of online resources, some of which I’ve also mentioned elsewhere on this blog, but […]

Beginner’s Guide to Value Investing: The Investor’s Handbook

ValueWalk is a news aggregation website that reports on the investing industry, with a tilt towards value investing.  Subscribe to their newsletter (it’s free) and every day, you will receive a news summary of what’s going on in the world of value investing. Here is a link to a document that I think is worth reviewing. […]

Wolfram Demonstrations – Week 1

In addition to Wolfram Alpha and Mathematica, The Wolfram Company also hosts a website called Wolfram Demonstrations, which can be found at For this first week, I would like you to review the following demonstrations. NetPresentValue BreakEven RuleOf72 These should be pretty straightforward.  Move the levers around, and see if you understand what is […]