Based on the data that you pulled to complete your DuPont Analysis, please prepare assess the Cash Conversion Cycles for the same companies. To do this, you will need to calculate the ratios for: * Days Sales Outstanding * Days Sales in Inventory * Days Payables Outstanding and then put these three numbers together to […]

This didn’t make it into the course reader because it was published in December,and the reading list was submitted at the end of October, but we will be discussing Uber, and I thought this profile of its founder, Travis Kalanick, in Vanity Fair was interesting.

Lots of people and companies have produced a TreeMap to represent the equity markets, or as this one is called, a “Map of The Market”. In this map, the size of the rectangle is proportional to the market capitalization of the company, and in this view the color represents the year to date performance of the […]

Treemaps can be very useful for visualizing data.  Excel can produce these charts, but the functionality is not necessarily the best.  So here are some resources for exploring how to build these kinds of charts: Microsoft Here’s a video that shows you how to get the TreeMap addin for Excel from the Microsoft’s store. Google I’ve not […]

Here’s an interesting article that goes through four types of credit derivatives: Credit Default Swaps Total Return Swaps Credit Linked Notes Collateralized Debt Obligations Also, the website is interesting because it seems to be published by a couple of college students who also run value-oriented fund.

Here are a couple of articles about employee stock options.

Build a model that will help you to visualize various types of stock option strategies. The model should be able to consider three securities, call them Option 1, Option 2, and Stock, because with those three securities, you can consider a large number of option strategies. For the options, you should be able to specify […]

I found this list of finance and accounting job titles and what they mean, and you may find this useful and or entertaining. I would argue that the characterization of various jobs as x% finance and 1-x% accounting is largely a fiction, as finance and accounting are really very closely connected.

The subject of Bitcoin has come up a few times over the last few weeks, and for anyone who is interested, I thought I would post a few links. Here are a few things that I think are interesting and worthy of attention: First, this article came out in the WSJ on Saturday, and I […]

Here are a few more Wolfram Demonstrations to review: BlackScholesOptionModel OptionsTimeValue